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        Hometown of Marshal Ye Pearl of the capital of Hakkas

                   Located in the central area of Meizhou City in the northeast part of Guangdong Province Meixian District is right next to the downtown area of Meizhou and is considered as the core region of the culture-oriented tourist area in Guangdong Province. Moreover, Meixian District is also the central part of Fengshun-Wuhua-Xingning-Meixian Industrial Concentration Zone. Meixian District connets Shanghang and Yongding of Fujian Province to the northeast part and its total area adds up to 2348 square kilometers. Home to 601100 people, there has 19 towns that are under the jurisdiction of Meixian District.

         The administrative region of Meixian New Town

                    Meixian District is the hometown of Ye Jianying who is one of the founding fathers of PRC. It values education and has cultivated nuerous talents since ancient times. Meixian is famous for its culture, oversea Chinese and football. Guo Moruo, a famous modern writer in China once praised Meixian as a first-class historical city. Meixian District has fostered 229 generals in the past 100 years, and 62 presidents of university and 14 academicians of Chinese Academy of Science after the founding of the new nation, including distinguished men and well-known like Ye Jianying, Lin Fengmian, Li Jinfa, Zeng Xianzi and so on.

        The Memorial Park of Marshal Ye Jianying

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