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        HOME >>Policy

        Jiulong Peak Nature Conservation Area

        National policy on revitalizing the development of the original central soviet area.
        Provincial-level policy on promoting and revitalizing the development of eastern, western and northern areas of Guangdong.


        Preferential Policy

        Set up a financial service center in E-commerce Industrial Park and the line of credit for enterprises intended to settle down the this park reaches 0.1 billion RMB.
        The local government will establish investment company, contribute 80 million RMB as the guaranteed fund for enterprises applying for Zhubao Loans and leverages the credit scale of 0.8 billion RMB of cooperative banks.
        District financial departments will appropriate 50 million RMB as interest subsidy to support enterprises to launch new projects, increase capital and expand production, and transform and upgrade.
        For the manufacturing enterprises that have invested in the industrial park, the local government would reduce their administrative undertaking charge and fees in other administrative projects.


        The Issued Policies

        Provisions on attracting investment for instrial projects in Meixian
        Huaxing Mei Feng Mei Country industrial agglomeration with agglomeration area investment preferences
        Measures for the implementation of supporting corporate finance(Zhubao Loans) in Meixian District
        Rules for the implementation of supporting listing of a company(OTC) in Meixian District
        Rules for the implementation of supporting listing of a company(OTC) in Meixian District
        Supporting measures on accelerating the development of e-commerce industry in Meixian District
        Implementing regulation on interest subsidy of Meixian District

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