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        New Type of Industry and Commerce
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                    There exist three listed companies in Meixian District, including Guangdong Meiyan Jixiang Hydropower Co. Ltd, Guangdong Baolihua New Energy Stock Co., Ltd and Guangdong Chaohua Technology Co., Ltd. The local government puts forth effort to promote the development of four industries including equipment manufacturing, electronic information, new energy and commerce logistics, which of value of each over billions of RMB.

                    Equipment manufacturing industry: Currently, there has 105 enterprises and the annual value of production reaches 5.3 billion RMB. Enterprises in this industry includes BPW Meizhou Axle Co., Ltd, Carlisle Rubber Products Co., Ltd, Huanan Sany Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd, Meizhou Intergate Precision Manufactory Co., Ltd, Meizhou Hongwing Machinery Co., Ltd and Meixian Qingda Industry Co., Ltd.
                    Electronic information industry: At current stage, there has 85 enterprises engaged in this industry in Meixian District and the annual value of production reaches 3.8 billion RMB. Enterprises in this industry  includes Guangdong Chaohua Technology Co., Ltd, Guangdong Fine Yuan Science Technology Co., Ltd, Meizhou Amethystum Optoelectronics Co., Ltd, Jinjiang Cirsuit Board Co., Ltd and Gaodi Digital Technology (Meizhou) Co., Ltd.
                    New energy industry: At present, there exist four enterprises in Meixian District with the annual production value of 5.2 billion RMB. Enterprises in this industry includes: Guangdong Baohua New Energy Co., Ltd, Meixian Jixiang Hydropower  Co., Ltd, Meixian Longshang Power Station and Meixian Jieyuan Hydropower Co., Ltd.
                   Commerce logistics Industry: The total annual business turnover reaches 9.8 billion RMB and the number of enterprises above designated size is 44. Enterprises in this industry includes: Red Star Macalline Group Co., Ltd, Guangdong Strong Group Co.,  Ltd, Jiaxing Logistics Co., Ltd, JIyi Construction Material and Home Improvement Co., Ltd, Lindong Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd and E-commerce Industrial Park.

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